Consulting for
IP-driven Pharma R&D

Guido Grentzmann, PhD

Guido Grentzmann


Preclinical and Early Clinical Research in Pharma, Cosmetics and Medical Devices needs thorough planning and sound directions to succeed in marketable products.

The following diagram shows areas where I am able to support your organization to improve your chances of success.

Optimize design by setting goals and estimating feasibility to maximize chances of success and IP protection.

Research & Development

Limit R&D efforts to minimal developmental and IP needs.

These two domains are major resources for new IP generation. Offered as strategy, project outline, and/or full-blown research contract.

Exploit active principles with established safety, for new applications.

Distinguish active principle from competitors. Underline product features and benefits versus competition through projects with limited investments.

Intellectual Property

Identify undefined intellectual space to support a new product.

Define IP strategy and freedom to operate on the basis of anterior art. Early assessment of risks.

Anterior art research, establish intellectual property occupiable space.

Explore and occupy new intellectual space for a previously protected therapy.

Underline patient benefits, improve business case


Guido Grentzmann, PhD, is based in Basel, Switzerland. He is an accomplished R&D professional with Leadership experience in the Health and Biotech Industry, where he has become a specialist in “IP-driven“ research and “research-driven” IP.

  • Fostering result driven and collaborative research approaches
  • Thriving in fast-paced environments
  • Exceling at strategic problem solving
Guido Grentzmann

Establishing drug discovery strategies

  • 25+ years of experience in R&D and IP strategies
  • Leading projects in Target & Biomarker ID and early development
  • New drug development and compound profiling
  • Supporting translation of cutting edge inventions into practical applications
  • Securing existing and new IP through close collaboration with patent attorney offices

Experience and key achievements

  • Pharmaceutical research since 1995
  • Consulting since 2007
  • Founder of successful early pharmaceutical company
  • Patents for new compounds, Targets and Biomarkers
  • Worked within several global companies, including Pfizer, Altana, L’Oréal
  • Successfully defended 3 patent families in Europe and 17 other countries

Let's explore how I can add value to your projects and help drive future advancements!